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David brings a wealth of experience to the board.  He is a graduate of CPS.  He is a parent of 4 students attending CPS schools; he is the only candidate with experience as a parent in the district and will have students in the district for long to come.  He also brings 30 years of experience in technology, management and strategic planning, with a proven track record of bringing people together to develop and execute plans successfully.


If elected to the board, David's first priorities are:

1. Increased communication and engagement with the parents, students and community to ensure information is available and all voices are heard

2. Ensuring that we strengthen our neighborhood schools with the same passion given to the magnet schools, and in the process tuning the lottery system to address problems with the current policy

3. Addressing coming school capacity issues to make sure we are taking the growing student population into account.

4. Focusing on evidence based decision making for all aspects of board policy

David wants to earn your vote.  His perspectives on many of the issues facing are detailed below.

All Children, All Schools

David will work to ensure that all of the schools in the Cincinnati Public School district are meeting the needs of all of our children.  Every Child in Every School needs the opportunity for an excellent education with the support they need to take advantage of it.

Communication and Collaboration

As a parent and concerned citizen it is often difficult to find information about our schools.  Whether its the budget, policies, or meeting notices, it is not easy to get information.  Notifications of meetings are often sent to a small group or sent with little notice to plan for attendance.

As a member of the school board, I will push for more notice of meetings, greater inclusion of all stakeholders and real public input into changes in our district.  We all have an interest in making our public schools the best they can be and addressing the needs of all of our students, families, teachers and community.

Teacher Support

Teachers are an important component in ensuring that our children have a great learning environment.  We need to make sure that they have the tools they need to do their jobs without unnecessary administrative work taking them away from teaching. 

We also have a challenge of more teachers retiring; we need to have more teachers coming into the district to ensure we have enough qualified teachers to give our students the education they deserve.  We need to make sure we are recruiting new graduates early enough and support the teachers to keep them in the district.

David will work with the district to come up with strategies for recruiting and with the teachers to ensure that we are giving them the support they need both in the classroom and out. 

Evidence based decision making

When it comes to our children, decisions should not be driven by opinion and personal opinion, but rather by evidence based research.  This should drive all levels of decision making without eliminating creativity in the teaching process. 

Financial responsibility and transparency

The school district is funded by the taxpayers.  It is the responsibility of the school board and administration to be good stewards of the funds given by the public.

In order to be able to hold the school district accountable to the public there needs to be independent audits and public distribution of financial information.  There should be time for public review and comment around any annual budget.

The current system results in outdated information being posted, if it can be found at all.  Current year budget and financial updates should be available within a reasonable amount of time for public review.

As a board member, I will work to enact policy changes to ensure greater transparency in decision making and allow time for public input.

Focus on the right things

Cincinnati Public Schools will continue to face economic difficulties as costs rise and vouchers become more prevalent.  And while the auditors say the district manages its money well, there is a question of whether we are spending on the right things.  

David’s primary role for the last 10+ years has been looking at the processes and technologies that organizations put in place, whether they meet the needs the organization has and ensuring that problems are solved once vs. a flavor of the day approach.

David will bring is experience from private industry in reducing costs to spend responsibly without compromising our children’s education. 


Technology is a vital component of life in the 21st century.  It is everywhere in our lives.  Our children can benefit greatly from increased use of technology and it could lower our costs for providing materials to classrooms.  David’s 30 years of experience in technology development and management can bring new expertise to the board that is lacking. 

Vouchers & Charters

Charter schools and using vouchers for attendance at private schools are not the answer for our students.  

Charter schools are a failed experiment.  It has been demonstrated repeatedly that they lack transparency, funnel money to private organizations and result in worse outcomes for our children.

Vouchers result in much the same situation.  Studies show that children that leave public schools and move into private institutions fall behind.  After a year they are behind where their peers remaining in public schools are.  These private institutions also do not need to serve all of our students.

When report cards and reports of our schools portrait the school system as “failing” vouchers look more attractive.  We need to focus on making Cincinnati Public Schools the most desirable option for all of our children.  David will work to change the perception of our schools and making sure that our programs meet or exceed those of private/charter schools.


District and School report cards

David will work to make sure that we are addressing the factors that result in low report card scores.  He will also work to change the metrics to more accurately reflect school performance instead of the current measures that artificially skew grades.

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